2014 Taiwan Designers Week


Date: Year 2014 10 / 3 - 10 /12
Venue: Matsuyama Wen Chong Park (II, III warehouse north on the first floor to make cigarette factory)

Taiwan Designers Week (TWDW) was initiated by the civil power design activities. Since 2007, initiated by a group of industrial designers of the first Taiwanese designers week, "Let's Talk", in Taipei's Xinyi Eslite happen, get over 200 designers join the festivities. With seven themes, designers and the general public, industry, communication and dialogue with the designer to generate opportunities, attracted about 50,000 people participated, the design of new energy detonated Taiwan; Taiwan Designers Week 2008 "Design & beyond" to continue and beyond the concept of civic hall once again be held at the Lutheran Church, to show more grand original charm; in 2009, at Huashan 1914 creative Park, Taiwanese designers week with a larger display, through the "Share & Enjoy" theme, looking forward between the designers and the general public to become "sharing" the creative design of the platform; 2010 places "care, I Care" design for caring life story with the world in a more rational way of thinking and gentle face and respond to changes in the world, attracted more than 60,000 visitors to watch the show. In 2011, with "WISH- a view for the future," 100 years in the Republic, will be extended to the future vision of colorful vision. 2012 for the first time moved to Taipei Taipei Expo Park Museum 艶 fight, "FLOW - The Power of Forward," a continuation of the previous year's pledge, Taiwanese designers infinite possibilities for future development and the desire for new opportunities, inspiration gushed steady stream of creative power, attracting more than 60,000 visitors to the show. 2013's "AROUND - Ideas Within Life" led us to examine the surround around accustomed design, brewing once again looking for a better life, but also to redefine the designers and the close relationship between you and me.

For eight years, Taiwanese designers week with a large group of enthusiastic designers, as well as worker's favorite design consisting of "Taiwan designer Connection" betting great enthusiasm, energy and time, run from each session activities. Designers Week in Taiwan, Taiwanese designers can see the return of their own experience, accumulated thinking, career professional to design interpretation of the life of caring attitudes or culture, to show Taiwan's design aesthetic life. Each year, designers week, only gradually condensed from Taiwan designer's creative consciousness, to subvert the design concept of the public, more gradual construction of Taiwan in the international design and brand visibility.