2014 Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition


Date: Year 2014 10 月 7 日 (周二) to 10 days (周五) Total 4 days
Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (9:30 start issuing Pass)
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight) East Hall whole museum

Tokyo International Packaging Exhibition -TOKYO PACK, is active in all sectors of the packaging materials and containers, packaging machinery for the center, which involves everything from procurement to production, logistics, distribution, sale, consumption, waste recycling and even until the world's handful of comprehensive international packaging exhibition.
Only a handful of the world with 48 years of history, Japan's largest integrated packaging exhibition

The exhibition was held in 1966 in Tokyo, Japan, for the first time since the opening of the next year. As the world's handful of comprehensive packaging exhibition, not only in Japan, but also by the sustained attention of people around the world related to the packaging. This will mark the 48th year, the 25th exhibition, described the history and performance of the world has only a handful of Japan's largest integrated packaging exhibition.
The possibility of packaging, creative and advanced

The exhibition include domestic and international packaging industry related companies and organizations representative of exhibitors, exhibitors over the last 600 or more. The exhibition of the latest information on the packaging industry together to meet the exhibitors and visitors of the emergence of new chemical reactions, thereby reaching a multiplying effect packaging technology innovation. This is all the possibilities of the ongoing evolution of the packaging filling completely, full of rich creativity, showcase the world's advanced level of packaging industry event.
Outstanding set-off and visibility

The exhibition has 48 years of history in the international exhibition has a comprehensive set of passengers force outstanding visibility in all walks of life as well as user-level pride. The last package of domestic and foreign experts and users from all walks of life up to 175,870 people were professional visitors, the number of pre-registered visitors 65,311 No. name. In particular, a significant increase in overseas visitors in recent years, strong desire to invest in Asia and other regions. The exhibition can look forward to participating exhibitors and increase brand awareness and presence in the packaging industry.
Packaging breadth

All packaged together here. The exhibition in all walks of life to use packaging materials, packaging machinery for the center, which involves the design of all production ~ ~ ~ purchase circulation sales ~ ~ ~ consumer waste recycling and other packaging. Classification breakdown last exhibition, the "packaging materials and containers," 37.6% "Packaging machinery" was 24.8%, both of which maintain the balance of the world's rare presence of integrated packaging exhibition.
The vast amount of information and networks

The exhibition is composed of packaging professional bodies - Japan Packaging Technology Association (JPI) organized the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition organized by JPI, as a regular business has expanded significantly in order to contribute to the purpose of the various man-made packaging business. As a master of this exhibition, the surplus bubbling latest packaging trends and new age packaging Yiping. The association membership of about 1,130 homes, 70% of suppliers (where materials related businesses 50%, machinery-related businesses 20%), 30% of users. JPI will be driven by member companies of networks and information channels, the implementation of promotional activities of the exhibition.