Tokyo Designers Week


Date October 25 (six) ー November 3 (a) A total of 10 days

Time 11: 00-22: 00 (I fixed the final day only to 18:00)
Place - before Meiji Jingu Gaien before painting museum (central hall)

● ● Origin of Tokyo Designers Week
TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK (Tokyo video game za イ cropped ー zu ウ ィ ー ku), commonly known as "Tokyo Designers Week" in 1986 years ago, as a designer show on Saturday organized, renamed "Designers Week" in 1997, a year in the fall (the end of October ) held in tokyo, during the exhibition for a week or so, has continued for 29 years.

Exhibits include the architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, multimedia and art, the world's top designers and artists on display in this collection activities. 2005, beginning at the "Meiji Jingu Gaien Charting before painting Pavilion" leveling plate, 2012 is more than 10 million people visited, in 2013 there are 109,518 people visited the Oh! (10 day).

"Tokyo Designers Week" provides each designer and conceptual artist recently published works, so that the parties to businesses, organizations, embassies, schools, designers, brand strategy, PR, Planning, Marketing and have more opportunities to meet them exchange.

2014, expanding 60 countries will have designers, artists, 100 schools and organizations to participate in the event, including design, art, music and fashion, let us look forward to it with bated breath!