The professional team of Kenmou Enterprise Co., Ltd. has substantial experience in packaging design and production for decades. Based on the most professional and sincere service, we continue to give new lives to the art of packaging. We always dare to try a variety of materials and new packaging technology, coupled with smart and unique concepts for design style, providing innovative ways of product presentation. Also, we aim to increase our customers’ product value as well as the consumers’ willingness of purchase.

Based on our accumulated experiences extending from the field of design, Kenmou Enterprise Co., Ltd. has laid a solid foundation on the 3C accessories as well. In addition to the research & development, the design and production for the cell phone holsters of various prestigious brands, Kenmou also introduced several related cover products for e-books and Tablet PCs.

There are design works either made by traditional leather or synthetic leather; Kenmou also successfully developed several kinds of high-end multi-functioned leather cases and flip stands; its features include multi-angle standing, extending electricity and the solar panels chargers, which are all the latest and extremely popular products in market.



There are two main business operations bodies in our company to provide the best services for your needs.

1. First, the paper packaging and print design for professional carrier bags and packaging gift boxes, and the production of leather-based products as the main business body, including design service, product prototyping, printing works and production services, etc. In our exhibition room, we have various samples with a variety of structure designs of packaging boxes for your reference. We also have a professional design team that offers you the best customized services for design and production based on your estimated quantity or special needs.

We can also provide you production approaches based on streamline automatic production or completely hand-made manners with refined style.

2. Second, Kenmou Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in cell phone holsters of all brands, including designs and productions of plastic injection molding holsters and soft plastic holsters. In addition, Kenmou provides services on designs and productions on the leather cases covers for e-books and tablet PCs, all kinds of leather or synthetic materials protection cover cases, and multi-functional leather cases.